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Radio & TV Appearences


LAST UPDATE: 5 Apr. 2010
29 June 2009 Ein offenes Ende im Iran [An Open Ending in Iran] – Interviewed for “Praxis – Religion und Gesellschaft”, Österreich 1 [“Europe’s most successful cultural radio show”], Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF)
24 & 26 June 2009 Iran, its neighbors and the West after the Iranian presidential elections – Interviewed by ORF Radio FM4, Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF)
19 June 2009 Iran und der Westen nach den Präsidentschaftswahlen – “Coffeeshop”, Radio Q (Münster & Steinfurt, Germany)
30 May 2009 Newspaper Headlines on Iran, Kenya and Pakistan – Debate with Dilip Hiro (author) – “Between the Headlines” – Press TV
26 Feb. 2009 Iran’s Nuclear Programme – Debate with Prof. Hooshang Amirahmadi (Pres. American–Iranian Council) et al. – “Safhe-ye 2” – BBC Persian TV
3 Feb. 2009 The Iranian Revolution 30 Years On – Obama and Iran, debate with Farrokh Negahdar – “Let’s Talk”, hosted by Ajmal MasroorChannel S (largest Asian TV network in UK & all over Europe) – 1h30min
26 Nov. 2008 American Foreign Policy Project’s Iran Advice for Obama, debate with Dr. Jim Walsh (MIT Security Studies Program) & Dr. Richard Hellman (Pres. Middle East Research Center, USA) – “FinePrint” – Press TV
28 Sep. 2008 Be Souy-e Solh? [Toward Peace?] – Radio Zamaneh
16 Sep. 2008 Khâvar-Miyâneh, Bâ Negâhi be Tajrobe-ye Jang dar Orupâ [The Middle East, With a View to Europe’s War Experiences] – Radio Zamaneh
12 Sep. 2008 Kârzâr-e Dâneshamoukhtân-e Âlmân va Irân Aleyh-e Jang va TahrimDeutsche Welle Persian service
10 April 2008 Die Krise um den Iran [The Crisis Around Iran], „Schlebusch am Mittwoch“ –  CampusFM, Essen & Duisburg – 1h
28 Feb. 2008 Iran-Krise und Sanktionen [Iran Crisis and Sanctions], “Coffeeshop” – Radio Q (Münster & Steinfurt, Germany)
1 Feb. 2008 Iranische Studenten im Fadenkreuz [Iranian students in the crosshairs], “Coffeeshop” – Radio Q (Münster & Steinfurt, Germany)
17 Sep. 2007 Kriegsgefahr im Atomstreit mit Iran [Threat of war in the nuclear dispute with Iran]“Echo der Zeit”, Schweizer Radio DRS (Switzerland)
18 June 2006 Interview on the Iran crisis [de]Radio Rüsselsheim (Rüsselsheim, Germany)
17 Jan. 2006 Interview on the Iran conflict [de] – “Coffeeshop”, Radio Q (Münster, Germany)
29 Nov. 2005 Interview on the Saddam court case [de] – “Auf den Spuren fremder Kulturen”, Radio Q (Münster, Germany)