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Media Commentary


Trumps says he has ordered Navy to destroy any Iranian boats harassing U.S. ships: Where are things going? (Arabic), Sharq wa Gharb (London), 23/04.

Liz Sly, Stirrings of unrest around the world could portend turmoil as economies collapse, Washington Post, 20/04, p. 1 | Reproduced in Thai by Naewna (Bangkok) and in Vietnamese by VnExpress.

Thomas Seibert, A year after US stopped Iran’s oil exports, tensions are on the rise again, The Arab Weekly, 19/04, p. 2.

Thomas Seibert, Iran admits to under-reporting coronavirus figures as it faces biggest crisis since 1979, The Arab Weekly, 19/04, p. 1.

Thomas Seibert, Accusations to Tehran in killing of dissident add to Turkey–Iran tensions, The Arab Weekly, 05/04, p. 1.

Soulayma Mardam-Bey, Le FMI répondra-t-il à l’appel de Téhéran pour contrer le coronavirus ? [Will the IMF respond to Tehran’s call to fight the coronavirus?], L‘OrientLe Jour (Beirut), 17/03.

Rassismus: Wir sind hier, Zeit Online, 26/02 | Racism: This Is Our Home, Zeit Online, 03/03.

Maysam Bizaer, Neighbours close borders with Iran as virus concerns rise, Al Jazeera News, 24/02.

Golnaz Esfandiari, Iran’s Lowest Election Turnout Since Islamic Revolution A Blow To Khamenei, Clerical Establishment, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 23/02.

Marcus Mäckler, Parlamentswahl im Iran: Warum alles für die Hardliner spricht, Münchner Merkur, 23/02.

Parisa Hafezi, Iran’s »cup of poison«? Hardline win may point to eventual U.S. talks, Reuters, 22/02 | translated into Arabic by Reuters Arabic | reproduced in Persian by Shia News Association (Shafaqna) (Tehran), 23/02.

Rebecca Collard, Results of Iran’s parliamentary elections, CBC News »The World this Weekend with Martina Fitzgerald«, 22/02. {20min45–}

Philip Malzahn, Irans gestohlene Wahl [Iran’s stolen election], Neues Deutschland, 21/02, p. 5.

Karen Senz & Marion Sendker, Iran vor den Parlamentswahlen – ein Land ohne Wahl? [Iran ahead of the parliamentary elections – a country without choice?], SWR Aktuell »Kontext« (Germany), 20/02 & Wahlen im Iran [Elections in Iran], Ö1 (ORF) »Journal-Panorama« (Austria), 20/02.

Élie Saïkali, Trois points pour comprendre les enjeux des législatives iraniennes, L’OrientLe Jour, 20/02.

Christian Böhme & Thomas Seibert, Wahlen im Iran: Ist der Vormarsch der Hardliner noch zu stoppen? [Elections in Iran: Can the rise of the hardliners be stopped?], Der Tagesspiegel, 19/02.

Michael Hammerl, Der Iran wählt: Angst vor der Stimme des Volkes [Iran votes: Fearing the people’s voice], Kurier (Austria), 16/02, p. 10.

Thomas Seibert, »Moderate« candidates excluded in run-up to Iran’s legislative elections, The Arab Weekly, 16/02, p. 2.

Marion Sendker, Das politische Trauergebet: Doppeljubiläum im Iran [Political mourning prayer: Double anniversary in Iran], Deutschlandfunk, 11/02.

Maysam Bizaer & Zaheena Rasheed, Mass disqualification of candidates add to discontent in Iran, Al Jazeera News, 27/01 | Reproduced in Persian as اصولگرایان در آستانه تسلط بر پارلمان / مجلس جدید تندرو روحانی را استیضاح می‌کند؟, Rouydad 24 News Agency (Iran), 01/02.

After Soleimani killing: How much has Iran invested in its allies in the Middle East?, AlMushahid (Yemen), 21/01.

Wu Qin, 伊朗“折叠”:山脚下的人、沙漠里的人与戴面具的人, The Paper (China), 20/01.

Yan Boechat, A guerra que nunca termina: A guerra sem fim dos EUA no Oriente Médio, Valor Econômico (Brazil), 17/01, pp. 10-15.

Erin Cunningham, In Iran, it’s possible to be angry at both the government and America, Washington Post, 15/10.

Rick Noack, The resignations of several Iranian state journalists deal blow to Tehran’s ability to control narrative, Washington Post, 14/01 | My comments reproduced in Portuguese by O Estado de S. Paulo (Brazil).

Livia Gerster, Protest gegen Iran: Uns gibt es auch noch [Protest against Iran: We’re still here], Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung (FAS), 12/01.

Emily Przyborowski, Washington’s relationship with Baghdad suffers fallout from US-Iran showdown, The Arab Weekly, 12/01, p. 4.

Duda Teixeira, O pós-conflito [The post-conflict], Crusoé (Brazil), 10/01.

Christian Shaudwet, Europas Traum vom iranischen Gas, Tagesspiegel Background Energie & Klima, 09/01 | Krise der Mullahs mit den USA: Europas Traum vom iranischen Gas ist geplatzt, Der Tagesspiegel, 10/01.

Rick Noack, Here’s what might happen if the U.S. were to suddenly quit Iraq, Washington Post, 09/01.

Shabnam von Hein, Iranisches TV verbreitet Berichte über enorme Wirkung der Raketen auf US-Stützpunkte, Focus Online/DW (Deutsche Welle), 09/01.

Serangan Iran di Irak, Pakar: Hanya Operasi »Teatrikal« Bukan Serangan Strategis [Iran’s Attack on Iraq, Experts: Only »Theatrical« Operations Are Not Strategic Attacks], DW (Deutsche Welle) Indonesian, 09/01 | Republished by Malang Post (Indonesia), 10/01.

Mehdi Fattahi & Aya Batrawy, On streets of Tehran, relief for now at no wider conflict, Associated Press, 09/01.

「烈士蘇萊曼尼行動」:伊朗發射22枚飛彈砲轟伊拉克美軍基地之後 川普:一切都好, DQ (Taiwan), 09/01.

Radosław Korzycki, Magdalena Cedro & Marceli Sommer, Iran szykuje się do odwetu [Iran is preparing for retaliation], Dziennik Gazeta Prawna (Poland), 07/01, p. 2.

Karen DeYoung,

Karen DeYoung

Associate editor and senior national security correspondent

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Missy Ryan &

Missy Ryan

Reporter covering the Pentagon, military issues and national security

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Paul Sonne, Once a policy afterthought, Iraq becomes a problem for Trump administration, Washington Post, 06/01 | Translated into Arabic by Almada Paper (Baghdad) | Comments reproduced in Persian by Kayhan (Tehran), 11/01.

Erin Cunningham,

Erin Cunningham

Middle East reporter covering Iran, Turkey, Syria and the wider region

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Sarah Dadouch &

Sarah Dadouch

Correspondent covering the Middle East

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Michael Birnbaum, Soleimani’s funeral procession Iran sees massive crowds and calls for revenge, Washington Post, 06/01 | Republished by San Francisco Chronicle, 06/01.

Michael Birnbaum

Brussels bureau chief covering Europe

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James Cartensen, Europe Frets as Iran Nuclear Deal Appears Near Collapse,, 06/01.

Iran announces the suspension of all its pledges within the framework of the nuclear deal: Has the deal collapsed?, Sharq wa Gharb (East and West) (London), 06/01.

Golnaz Esfandiari, Short-Term Support? Soleimani’s Killing Gives Iran A Chance To Rally People, Show Some Unity, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 05/01.

Maryam Shah, ‘Billion dollar question:’ How is Iran likely to respond to Soleimani’s killing?, Global News (Canada), 04/01.

Anthony Samrani, Pour répondre à l’assassinat de Soleimani, le casse-tête de Téhéran [Responding to the assassination of Soleimani, Tehran’s headache], L‘Orient–Le Jour, 04/01.

Helena Bento, Como uma guerra EUA/Irão não é provável já e como Trump sai beneficiado em pleno “impeachment”: o caso Soleimani, Expresso (Portugal), 03/01.

Benjamin Konietzny, USA töten Al-Kuds-Chef: Trump rast ins Nahost-Chaos [U.S. kills Al-Qods chief: Trump races into Middle East chaos],, 03/01.

Claire Parker & Rick Noack, Iran has invested in allies and proxies across the Middle East. Here’s where they stand after Soleimani’s death, Washington Post, 03/01. {French translation | Turkish translation| reproduced in Arabic by AlMawqea Post & AlAyyam (Aden)}

Christian Böhme & Thomas Seibert, Nach Krawallen vor der US-Botschaft in Bagdad: Droht Krieg zwischen den USA und dem Iran? [After the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad: Are we going to face a war between the U.S. and Iran?], Der Tagesspiegel, 02/01.


Wikistrat’s Key Trends in the Middle East in 2020, Wikistrat, 23/12.

Stefan Seibert, International nuclear pact with Iran could collapse in 2020, analysts say, The Arab Weekly, 20/12, p. 17.

Mia Swart, »Vicious crackdown«: Iran protest death toll at 304, Amnesty says, Al Jazeera English, 16/12.

Julie Kebbi & Soulayma Mardam-Bey, Les enjeux de l’après-révolte en Iran, L‘Orient–Le Jour, 07/12.

Borzou Daragahi, Iran admits 200,000 took part in recent anti-government protests, 731 banks torched, The Independent, 27/11 | in Turkish translation published by Independent Türkçe, 28/11 {Print version: Iran discloses sheer scale of anti-government protests, 28/11, p. 63} ▪ Comments reproduced in Arabic by Hawar News Agency (ANHA).

Wikistrat Special Analysis: The Regional Implications of the Protests in Iran, Wikistrat, 24/11.

Hazem Saghieh, How Bashar Assad Becomes a Symbol and Inspirer, Asharq Al-Aswat, 24/11 ▪ republished by The Independent (Bangladesh), 25/11 | Iraq and Lebanon protests must not go the Syria way, Khaleej Times (UAE), 25/11.

Jean-Pierre Perrin, Iran: les manifestants matés, la répression féroce commence, Mediapart, 23/11 ▪ Irán: tras la explosión social, la represión, transl. E. García, SinPermiso, 24/11.

Thomas Seibert, Iran’s regime in most serious crisis since 1979 as it cracks down on unrest, The Arab Weekly, 24/10, p. 15 ▪ Comments reproduced by Gulf News.

Unruhen: Rund 100 Protestanführer im Iran verhaftet [Unrest: About 100 protest leaders detained in Iran], (Austria), 22/11.

Iran : la stratégie américaine est-elle en train de fonctionner ?, L’Orient–Le Jour, 21/11.

Irans Führung setzt auf Härte [Iran’s leadership relies on stealth], Die Presse (Austria), 21/11, p. 4.

John Gambrell, Iran blames deadly unrest on outsiders, including US, Associated Press, 20/11 ▪ in Spanish, 20/11.

Karoline Krauser-Sandner & Evelyn Peternel, Sniper, Netzsperre, Tote: Geht es im Iran wirklich um den Benzinpreis? [Snipers, internet blackout, casualties: Is it really about the fuel price in Iran?], (Austria), 20/11.

Christian Böhme & Thomas Seibert, Unruhen im Iran: Geraten die Mullahs in Bedrängnis? [Unrest in Iran: Are the mullahs getting in trouble?], Der Tagesspiegel, 20/11 | My comments reproduced in Arabic by Sada Alsahil | Masr Al Arabia (Cairo) | Akhbar Yemen.

Georges Issa, بعد سنة على العقوبات النفطيّة… الإيرانيون في الشارع والنتائج لم تطابق الطموحات, An-Nahar (Lebanon), 20/11.

Delphine Minoui, Iran : la hausse de l’essence déclenche des révoltes [Iran: Fuel price rise triggers revolts], Le Figaro, 19/11, p. 9 • My comments reproduced by: ارتفاع سعر البنزين يثير انتفاضة في إيران و ربيع عراقي في شهر نوفمبر / تشرين الثاني, Radio Monte Carlo Douliya (Paris), 19/11 |  صحف فرنسية: مظاهرات إيران لن تخمد والثورة ستطال خامنئي, Al-Ain (UAE), 19/11 | Kitabat (Iraq), 20/11 | روزنامه ها: مشکلات شدید معیشتی، حمایت مالی دولت از گروه‌های بیگانه در کشورهای دیگر و افزایش بهای بنزین مردم را به خیابان‌ها آورده است, RFI (Radio France Internationale) Persian, 20/11.

Delphine Minoui, Iran : la hausse de l’essence déclenche des révoltes [Iran: Fuel price rise triggers revolts], Le Figaro, 19/11, p. 9.

Élie Saïkali, Face à la contestation, la contre-attaque du pouvoir iranien [Facing demonstrations, the Iranian government strikes back], L‘Orient–Le Jour, 19/11.

Nebojša Malić, Beyond the price of gas: Iranian protests raise specter of regime change, RT, 18/11.

Tanmay Kadam, Confidence Building Measures Needed Before the U.S. and Saudi Arabia Start a Dialogue With Iran, Global Security Review, 25/10.

Experts concerned about impact of US-Iran tension on Gulf region, Qatar Tribune, 23/10, p. 5.

Rick Noack, How four of America’s biggest foes can benefit from Trump’s Syria pullout, Washington Post, 15/10, p. A12.

Will protesters in Iraq get what they want?, Al Jazeera English »AJ Stream«, 14/10.

Thomas Seibert, Protests in Iraq could pose problems for Tehran, The Arab Weekly, 13/10, p. 15.

Austin Bodetti, Climate Change Threatens Iranian Crisis, LobeLog, 27/09.

Shabnam von Hein, Irans Friedensinitiative – echte Chance oder leere Worte? [Iran’s peace initiative – real chance or empty words?], DW (Deutsche Welle), 24/09.

Soulayma Mardam-Bey & Anthony Samrani, Comment Trump s’est laissé prendre à son propre piège anti-iranien [How Trump got caught up in his own Iran trap], L‘Orient–Le Jour, 21/09.

Javad Tale’i, کنفرانس ایران در بوخوم: ٤٠ سال مقاومت در برابر دیکتاتوری اسلامی [Iran conference in Bochum], RFI (Radio France Internationale) Farsi, 16/09.

Keyvandokht Ghahari, کنفرانس ایران در بوخوم؛ «مسئله شاه زائر و روحانیت تشنه قدرت» [Iran conference in Bochum], DW (Deutsche Welle) Persian, 14/09.

Thomas Seibert, Tehran raises stakes in nuclear row by escalating threats, making offers for talks, The Arab Weekly, 08/09, p. 15.

Élie Saïkal, Entre Téhéran et Paris, une délicate valse diplomatique [Between Tehran and Paris, a delicate diplomatic waltz], L‘Orient–Le Jour, 04/09 ▪ republished by Al Bayane (Morocco), 06/09.

Inga Rogg, Israel weitet den Kampf gegen Iran und dessen Verbündete aus [Israel extends fight against Iran and its allies], Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 26/08 (update 01/09).

Austin Bodetti, He’s why Iran is feuding with Stanford, OZY, 14/08.

Kourosh Ziabari, Iran’s minority regions bear brunt of climate change, Asia Times, 14/08.

The UAE and Iran sign a memorandum of understanding to strengthen and consolidate border security (in Arabic), Sharq Wa Gharb (East and West), 01/08.

Thomas Seibert, Iran warnt Europa vor Marinemission: Zwischen Tankern, Drohnen und der Bombe [Iran warns Europe of marine mission: Between tankers, drones and the bomb], Der Tagesspiegel, 28/07.

Thomas Seibert, Europe steps up diplomatic efforts to save nuclear pact as Iran widens claims, The Arab Weekly, 28/07–03/08, p. 4 ▪ republished on Middle East Online, 30/07.

Thomas Seibert, Krise am Golf: Europa will Konflikt zwischen Iran und USA entschärfen [Crisis in the Gulf: Europe wants to defuse conflict between Iran and the U.S.], General-Anzeiger, 26/07.

Inga Rogg, Iran streckt Trump die Hand aus: Die neue Diplomatie ergänzt die militärischen Nadelstiche in der Strasse von Hormuz [Iran extends hands to Trump: New diplomacy complements the military pinpricks in the Strait of Hormuz], NZZ am Sonntag, 27/07, p. 5.

Golnaz Esfandiari, A Tanker For A Tanker: What Is Iran’s Endgame As It Seizes British Ship?, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL), 22/07.

The implications of Iran’s detention of a British oil tanker  (in Arabic), Sharq Wa Gharb (East and West), 20/07.

Amal A. Wahab, Iran må forhandle [Iran ought to negotiate], Klassekampen (Norway), 20/07.

Stasa Salacanin, Between the hammer and the anvil: Europe under significant pressure from both US and Iran, The New Arab, 17/07 ▪ reported in Dutch, 24/07.

After the meeting between Macron’s adviser and Rouhani: Does France succeed in easing the tensions between Washington and Tehran?  (in Arabic), Sharq Wa Gharb (East and West), 12/07.

Élie Saïkal, Paris peut-il jouer les intermédiaires entre Washington et Téhéran ?, L‘Orient–Le Jour, 10/07.

Julie Kebbi, L’Iran accentue la pression sur l’Union européenne, L‘Orient–Le Jour, 08/07.

António Abreu, A preparação da guerra contra o Irão [The preparation of war against Iran], abril (Portugal), 03/07.

Iran declares it has exceeded limits of enriched uranium: What does that mean in light of escalating tensions between Washington and Tehran? (in Arabic), Sharq Wa Gharb (East and West), 02/07.

Borzou Daraghi, Iran breaches uranium enrichment limit, hinting at Trump’s failing brinkmanship strategy, The Independent, 01/07 [published in print as US and Europe anxious as Iran breaches uranium limit, 02/07] ▪ republished on Yahoo! News, 01/07. | in Vietnamese translation.

Thomas Seibert, Iran and US approach ‘end of diplomacy’, war of words escalates after new sanctions, The Arab Weekly, 30/06–06/07, p. 4.

Borzou Daraghi, Beyond Control: Iran and its Opponents Locked in a Lopsided Confrontation, Washington, DC: Atlantic Council, Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security (Issue Brief), 28 June 2019.

Livia Gerster, Den Feind fernhalten [Keeping the enemy at bay], Frankfurter Allgemeine Woche, 28/06, p. 32.

Christian Böhme & Thomas Seibert, Konfrontation im Persischen Golf: Ein Bündnis gegen den Iran [Confrontation in the Persian Gulf: An alliance against Iran], Der Tagesspiegel, 26/06.

Thomas Seibert, Konflikt zwischen USA und Iran: Vor dem Ende der Diplomatie [Conflict between U.S. and Iran: Nearing the end of diplomacy], General-Anzeiger, 26/06.

Is there a war between the United States and Iran looming? (in Arabic), Sharq Wa Gharb (East and West), 21/06.

Emma Gouaille, Les États-Unis à deux doigts d’attaquer l’Iran, DW (Deutsche Welle) Afrique, 21/06.

Inga Rogg, Die iranische Führung trotzt Trump [Iranian leaders defy Trump], Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 21/06.

How U.S. Allies in the Middle East are Responding to Rising Tensions with Iran, TIME, 18/06.

Iran to surpass uranium stockpile limits within days: AEOI, Al Jazeera News, 17/06 | Reported: Sandra Johansson, Expert: Iran’s gambit is symbolic – wants to put pressure (Swedish), Omni, 17/06 ▪ Irán superará el límite de uranio enriquecido en 10 días, (Spain), 17/06 ▪ António Saraiva Lima, Irão avisa que está a dias de superar limite de acumulação de urânio enriquecido, Público (Portugal), 17/06 ▪ Wawan Sukma Ichwanuddin, Badan Energi Atom Iran Lipatgandakan Produksi Uranium, (Indonesia), 17/06 ▪ Iran to breach uranium stockpile limit in 10 days: AEOI spokesperson, The Dispatch (India), 18/06.

After the Gulf of Oman incident: Drums of war between Washington and Tehran? (in Arabic), Sharq Wa Gharb (East and West), 15/06.

João de Almeida Dias, Do estreito de Ormuz às filas de gasolina, a tensão com o Irão tem muito por onde piorar [From the Strait of Hormuz to the gas lines, the tension with Iran has a lot to worsen], Observador (Portugal), 14/06.

Thomas Seibert, Possible mediators for crisis between Iran and US line up, but prospects in doubt, The Arab Weekly, 02–08/06, p. 4.

Christian Böhme & Thomas Seibert, US-Außenminister trifft Merkel: Pompeo macht Iran für Angriffe auf Öltanker verantwortlich [U.S. Secretary of State meets Merkel: Pompeo blames Iran for attacks on oil tankers], Der Tagesspiegel, 31/05.

Inga Rogg, Trump schwächt die iranischen Regimegegner [Trump weakens Iranian regime opponents], NZZ (Neue Zürcher Zeitung) am Sonntag, 26/05, p. 3.

Anh Tuấn, Rủi ro trong chính sách »bên miệng hố chiến tranh« của Iran [The risks of Iran’s »brinkmanship«], Vietnam News Agency (VNA), 25/05.

Rasha Alkhadra, Umfrage zur Europawahl: Die Angst der Flüchtlinge vor noch mehr Druck [Survey on the European elections: The refugees‘ fear of even more pressure], Der Tagesspiegel, Sonderbeilage »Journalisten im Exil«, 24/05.

Iran Tingkatkan Uranium Empat Kali Lipat [Iran increases uranium fourfold], (Jakarta), 22/05.

Nathania Riris Michico, Iran Tingkatkan Pengayaan Uranium hingga 4 Kali Lipat [Iran increases uranium enrichment fourfold], iNews (Indonesia), 21/05.

Iran slams »genocidal taunts« by US, increases uranium stockpiles, Al Jazeera English News, 21/05.

Lauren Meier, Iran ramps up uranium enrichment after Trump threats, The Washington Times, 20/05.

Thomas Seibert, Iran engages in high-risk game of brinkmanship that could lead to war, The Arab Weekly, 19–26/05, p. 1  ▪ republished on Middle East Online, 22/05.

What does Iran want from the European Union? (in Persian), Deutsche Welle (DW) Persian, 17/05.

Rahel Klein, Deutschland und Iran: Durch gute und schlechte Zeiten [Germany and Iran: Through good and bad times], Deutsche Welle (DW), 09/05 ▪ republished on Focus Online, 09/05 | transl. into Arabic, DW Arabic, 11/05 ▪ republished on Akhbrna (Cairo), 11/05 | transl. into Croatian, DW Croatian service, 12/05 | transl. into Bosnian, DW Bosnia & Herzegovina, 13/05.

How will Iran respond to mounting U.S. pressure? [in Arabic], Al-Khaleej 365 (Gulf 365), 25/04.

Ladane Nasseri, Patience, Bluster or Escalation: How Iran Might Respond to Trump, Bloomberg News, 24/04 ▪ republished by The Morning Call (Pennsylvania), 24/04 | Chicago Tribune, 24/04 | MSN News, 24/04 | Post Bulletin (Minnesota), 24/04.

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Mohammad-Ali Shabani, Cholerischer Charismatiker: Mohammad Zarif hat sich als iranischer Außenminister zum Rücktritt vom Rücktritt durchgerungen [Choleric and charismatic: Zarif brought himself to resign from his resignation as Iranian foreign minister], Der Freitag, No. 11/2019 (13/03), p. 2.

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Delphine Minoui, Iran: le coup de sang de Mohammad Javad Zarif face aux «faucons» iraniens [Zarif’s angry shot at Iranian »falcons«], Le Figaro, 26/02.

Inga Rogg, Der iranische Präsident hält an Aussenminister Javad Zarif fest [The Iranian President holds onto Foreign Minister Zarif], Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 26/02.

Thomas Seibert, Zarif’s resignation could be reflection of Iran infighting, boost for US hawks, The Arab Weekly (online), 26/02.

Ungewissheit über Rücktritt von Irans Außenminister Sarif, AFP, 25/02.

Mladen Pleše, Amerikanci su u Poljskoj organizirali summit na kojem su pokušali nagovoriti EU da se okrenu protiv Irana; neslavno su propali [In Poland, the Americans organized a summit in which they tried to persuade the EU to turn against Iran; they have fallen unconsciously], Telegram (Zagreb), 16/02.

Jan Smolenski & Virginia Pietromarchi, US-led Middle East summit in Warsaw: All you need to know, Al Jazeera News, 13/02 ▪ republished by Pakistan & Gulf Economist (PAGE), 17/02.

Jan Smoleński, Šta će donijeti američki samit protiv Irana u Varšavi? [What will bring an American summit against Iran in Warsaw?], Al Jazeera Balkans, 13/02.

Borzou Daraghi, Iran’s revolutionaries, masters of chaos and crisis, mark 40 years of the Islamic Republic, The Independent, 11/02. {Tweet}

Markus Mäckler, Sieg der Mullahs vor 40 Jahren: Die düsteren Folgen der Revolution [Victory of the mullahs 40 years ago: The dismal consequences of the revolution], Münchner Merkur, 11/02, p. 4.

Thomas Seifert, Pressure on Iran grows as Europe gets tougher and oil exports fall, The Arab Weekly, 27/01, p. 15 ▪ republished by The Middle East Online (London), 30/01 ▪ EU suspects Tehran of terrorist activities on its territory, Vestnik Kavkaza, 31/01.

Katar oficjalnie opuścił OPEC: Czy to zapowiedź nowej rewolucji na Bliskim Wschodzie? [Qatar has officially left OPEC: Is this the preview of a new revolution in the Middle East?], (Polonia Christiana) (Kraków, Poland), 05/01.

Nisan Ahmado, Experts Warn Gulf Rift Widening as Qatar Quits OPEC, Voice of America (VOA), 02/01 ▪ republished by People’s Television Network, Inc. (PTNI) (Philippines), 03/01.


Kent R. Kroeger, Tracking possible war crimes in Yemen, (Des Moines, IA), 19/12.

Marion Sendker, US-Sanktionen: Deutsche Firmen ziehen sich aus Iran zurück [U.S. sanctions: German companies retreat from Iran], Deutschlandfunk, 24/11 (»Informationen am Morgen« & »Informationen am Morgen Abend«) & 25/11 (»Studio 9 kompakt«) & MDR.

Tharwat Mansour, Relying on exceptions and activating a huge smuggling network: What are 

the ropes of Iran’s survival from U.S. sanctions? (Arabic), Raseef22, 20/10.

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