TV Interviews
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TV Interviews


Ahead of Iran’s Parliamentary Elections, Al Jazeera English, 17/02.

TRT World, 09/01.

Trump vs Iran: On the Brink of War?, DW (Deutsche Welle) »To the Point: The International Debate from Berlin«, 09/01.

USA gegen Iran: Droht ein neuer Golfkrieg?, DW (Deutsche Welle) »Auf den Punkt«, 09/01.


Judoka Saeid Mollaei: Verlieren als Staatsräson [Joduka Saeid Mollaei: Losing as raison d’état], film by Tom Klees & Bamdad Esmaili, WDR »Sport inside«, 19/11.

Iran Nuclear Agreement Continues to Collapse & Iran’s Declining Soft Power because of Iraq and Lebanon Protests, interviewed by Greg Wilpert, The Real News Network, 12/11.

Iran gegen USA: Trump in der Klemme?, DW (Deutsche Welle) TV »Auf den Punkt: Der internationale Talk aus Berlin«, 26/09.

Iran vs US: Trump Cornered?, DW (Deutsche Welle) TV »To The Point: The International Debate from Berlin«, 26/09.

On the uncertainties around attacks on key Saudi oil facilities, DW (Deutsche Welle) TV »DW News«, 16/09.

Iran crisis: Europe on the sidelines?, DW TV »Quadriga: International Debate from Berlin«, 08/08.

[in Arabic], Al Araby TV (London), 08/07.

Will Iran Violate the Terms of the Nuclear Deal Again?, TRT World »The Newsmakers«, 08/07. {Excerpt}

What’s behind the seizure of the Iranian oil tanker in Gibraltar?, Al Jazeera English »Inside Story«, 05/07.

Seizure of Iranian oil tanker off Gibraltar, Europe and the U.S., DW (Deutsche Welle) TV »DW News«, 05/07.

U.S.–Iran standoff after downing of U.S. drone in Hormuz Strait, Al Jazeera English, 15, 17 & 18 GMT, 21/06.

Rising U.S.–Iran tensions, ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) »The World«, 18/06.

Iran to increase enrichment & Japan’s failed mediation effort, Al Jazeera English »Newshour«, 17/06.

US–Iran tensions: Interview with Ali Fathollah-Nejad, TRT World, 15/06.

Could Iran and the U.S. go to war?, TRT World »The Newsmakers«, 22/05. {13m–}

Iran’s nuclear strategy & need for new security architecture, Al Jazeera English »Newshour«, 18GMT, 20/05.

Iran nuclear program & Iranian–American war of words, Al Jazeera English »Newshour«, 17GMT, 20/05.

Rationale behind Iran’s JCPOA announcement, Al Jazeera English »Newshour«, 16GMT, 20/05.

Growing Iran–U.S. tensions, Al Jazeera English »Newshour«, 15GMT, 20/05.

Pompeo holds talks in Brussels over Iran, DW (Deutsche Welle) TV »DW News«, 13/05.

Washington and Tehran: Prospects for escalation [in Arabic], Al Araby TV (London), 11/05 {11m20–}.

Is the Iran nuclear deal dead?, Al Jazeera English »Inside Story«, 08/05.

Will Trump Triumph? The Effects of US Hardline Policy on Iran, interviewed by Işın Eliçin, Medyascope.TV, 25/04 {Soundcloud}

Zur Außenpolitik Irans [On Iran’s foreign policy], Transparenz TV »Friedensfragen mit Clemens Ronnefeldt«, 24/04.

Zur Innenpolitik Irans [On Iran’s domestic politics], Transparenz TV »Friedensfragen mit Clemens Ronnefeldt«, 17/04.

Iran’s Hassan Rouhani rejects resignation of his Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, interviewed by Imran Garda, TRT World »The Newsmakers«, 27/02. {Twitter}

How effective are US sanctions against Iran? – Guest: Ali Fathollah-Nejad, interviewed by Işın Eliçin, Medyascope.TV, 27/02.

Iran’s Revolution at 40 amid problems, DW (Deutsche Welle) »News«, 11/02.

Iran’s Revolution at 40, DW (Deutsche Welle) »News«, 11/02. {Tweet}

European–Iranian relations & Iranian Revolution at 40, Al Jazeera English »NewsGrid«, 09/02. {Tweet}

EU–Iran payment Instrument In Support Of Trade Exchanges (INSTEX) registered, DW (Deutsche Welle) »News«, 31/01.

Europe and Iranian: Sanctions and temptations, mod. Dima Tarhini, DW (Deutsche Welle) Arabic »Massaiya«, 28/01. {Excerpt}


Ali Fathollah-Nejad | Despite US sanctions »Iran will not be isolated«, interviewed by ISPI (Italian Institute for International Political Studies) at the MED (Mediterranean Dialogues) 2018, 23/10.

Should the US have reimposed sanctions on Iran?, TRT World »The Newsmakers«, 06/11.

Ali Fathollah-Nejad über Saudi-Arabien: Über die Gemengelage und den Tod von Jamal Chaschoggi [Ali Fathollah-Nejad on Saudi Arabia: On the situation and the death of Jamal Khashoggi] , 3sat »Kulturzeit«, 22/10.

Rouhani’s UN address in the context of the Ahvaz attack, Brookings Doha Center, 27/09 | With Arabic subtitles.

Attacks during military parade in Ahvaz, DW (Deutsche Welle) TV »DW News«, 22/09.

Attacks during military parade in Ahvaz, Al Jazeera English »NewsHour«, 22/09.

Iranian Parliament impeaches Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance: Backgrounds, Al Jazeera English »NewsHour«, 26/08.

Iran, US-Außenpolitik, Naher/Mittlerer Osten [Iran, U.S. foreign policy, Middle East], interviewed by Ramon Schack, Impulsiv TV, 23/08.

Countering the Iranian presence in Syria: The United States, Israel, and Russia, Al Jazeera English »NewsHour«, 22/08.

New U.S. Sanctions Fuel Protests and Economic Mayhem in Iran (Part 1, 13/07 {audio} | Part 2, 16/07 {audio}), interviewed by Sharmini Peries, The Real News Network.

Third anniversary of the Iran nuclear deal: U.S. and EU policy, Al Jazeera English, 14/07.

Rouhani’s visit to Europe and the future of Iran’s oil exports, Al Jazeera English »NewsGrid«, 03/07.

Trump’s Withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal and Its Nefarious Consequences, Brookings Doha Center, 22/05 | with Arabic subtitles.

Is the United States becoming more belligerent?, Al Jazeera English »Inside Story«, 23/03.

Trump’s State of the Union address, interview on his Guantanamo & Iran statements, Al Jazeera English, 31/01.

Iran Protests End, But Grievances Remain, interviewed by Aaron Maté, The Real News Network, 12/01.

Iran Protests: Takeaways and Prospects, Brookings Doha Center, 08/01.

Protests in Iran, DW (Deutsche Welle), »DW News«, 04/01.

Iran accuses ‘enemies’ as US seeks emergency UN session, Al Jazeera English, 03/01.

Protests in Iran, Al Jazeera English »The News Grid«, {29m34–35m40}, 01/01.

Weiter Proteste im Iran [Ongoing protests in Iran], interviewed by Jens Olesen, Deutsche Welle, »Der Tag«, 01/01.

What Triggered Iran’s Protests?, Al Jazeera English »Inside Story«, 30/12. [Media reports: DQ Yam (China), 02/01; (Indonesia), 02/01; Rilis: Belita Politik Indonesia (Jakarta), 02/01]